Advanced equipment and methods for the analysis of nano toxicity.

Generation of nano particles. Determination of biological endpoints

for cytotoxicity and genotoxicity in vitro using human cells.

VITROCELL® modules for in vitro studies.



VITROCELL® technology for the exposure of lung epithelial cells to nano materials at the air/liquid interface.


Frequently these materials are just added to the cell culture medium which is a method giving relatively low sensitivity due to interaction of the particles with the medium. In using the VITROCELL® direct exposure technology, the cells are first cultivated on membrane inserts (e. g. ThinCerts® from Greiner, Costar® from Corning or Falcon® from Becton Dickenson). The membrane inserts are placed in the VITROCELL® modules which are tempered at 37° C. The medium supply is performed either static or by permanent exchange so that the cells receive the cell culture medium from below through the membrane of the insert.The special aerosol inlets of the module are from stainless steel with a PFA-based surface treatment and deliver the particles to the cells by a low vacuum flow. As the cells are not covered with medium, they are exposed in the most efficient way at air/liquidinterface.


The same technological approach can be applied also to bacteria.


VITROCELL SYSTEMS supplies in addition the required aerosol generators as well as turnkey installations. The aerosol is either generated from non-cohesive, dry powders and dusts down to the size of nano particles. or from liquids, solutions and suspensions. The special feature is the integrated drying path to receive a powder aerosol out of liquids, suspensions and solutions.


The customers of VITROCELL SYSTEMS are leading medical and environmental research institutes as well as the pharmaceutical and other industries.




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